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Manage your Institution with your Laptop or a Smartphone.

one stop solution

One Stop Solution

All in One Solution, No need to maintain Multiple Softwares



Automated and accurate analytical reports.



Latest Technology with most simple User Interface


24X7 Support

Fanatical 24X7 Support

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ChalkBox is the technology startup of dynamic professionals – all hired for a specific combination of education, skills and experience that we share in common, and which should assure that all are highly successful in their positions.

We the ChalkBox, were established in 2015, a Startup with Experienced team of Professionals. Our unique abilities [strong hold on Technology, Marketing, Client relations, and Fanatic customer service] makes us an invaluable partner in the educational sector market.

ChalkBox is the first ever School Management software integrated with all the required modules of an Education institute, in one application, that too, with the most User friendly interface.










School Management System Modules

Transport Management

A transportation management system (TMS) is a subset of supply chain management (SCM).

Fees Management

Fees management system is easy to use and implement as you do not need to install a new program or software.

Library Management

Library management is a sub-discipline of institutional management that focuses on specific issues faced by libraries

Attendance Management

Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee time theft.


State of the Art Communications System so that parents stay up to date with ease of access for administrators.


Events and Dates management made easier. With our drag - drop calendar module, managing events and dates is no more tedious.


Mobile Apps

On a vacation? Not in School? Not a problem, avail all the chalkbox features via our android application.

Data Management

Say GoodBye to the pain of searching through and maintaining paper bundles.

  • Hostel Management
  • Staff Management
  • Exam Management
  • Class Test
  • HomeWork
  • File Sharing
  • Health Management
  • Gallery Management
  • Admission Cycle
  • GPS Tracking
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Analytical Reports
  • RFID Attendance
  • User Management
  • Marksheet
  • Leave Management
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Why Choose ChalkBox?

increase productivity

Increase productivity

Chalkbox help administrators of schools, college and institutes to increase their productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage academic institutes.

easy to access

Easy to access

It is a web-based application which features a centralized storage data that help student, teachers and parents to access the data anywhere and anytime.

cost effective

Cost Effective

The easy to use feature of chalkbox help schools, college and institutes in proper functioning by saving their time and cut down the administrative cost.

secure enviorment

Secure environment

With data-encryption property, we provide secure environment to your data at ChalkBox.

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Work flow

How It Works

Admin App

Now your school is in your hands. Your daily task can be handled on your smartphone.

Teacher App

Teachers can mark attendance, approve/deny leave, share homework, do marks entry, share feedback, and share files on broadcast groups. Read More Read Less

Parent App

Now parents can get real time info on their ward's attendance, marks and report card download, events, pictures, videos, homework, behaviour report, applying leave, give feedback to principal, add concerns on broadcast groups, pay fee online and get the live bus tracking, all in one app. Read More Read Less

Director App

The School Management can now check the status of admissions, fee reports, GPS tracking, communication reports, visitor reports, attendance reports etc.on their smartphone, thus keeping track and making decisions on the go. Read More Read Less

Principal App

With multiple responsibilities, it is tedious for the principal of an organisation to get accurate manual reports. But now they can access all reports in real time on their smartphone. What else, they can even direct the teachers and staff via broadcast chat and share important files and task. Read More Read Less

Front Office App

An innovative app with features like appointment request, gate pass, enquiry management, admission management, visitor management etc. A digital initiative for better management. Read More Read Less

Librarian App

Tracking the books is as easy on the smartphone. Integrated with the core library module, it makes the working easy for the librarian. Moreover, it is linked to the parent app, for communication regarding the issued books. Read More Read Less

Transporter App

Now track the buses in real time with route wise reports including the bus attendance integrated with RFID devices and bus attendant apps. Read More Read Less

Bus Attendant App

Now the bus attendant can mark the students boarding and deboarding the bus, in real time, enabling a transparent child tracking for the parents and the school authorities. Read More Read Less

Security App

Secure your campus by empowering your security team with our innovative technology. Track the visitors in real time and keep a record of their time in and out. Read More Read Less


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Client Testimonials

ChalkBox is a complete and a very user-friendly ERP platform. It has helped us considerably to keep track of various tasks at school. We have received excellent training and support. Our request for assistance is always answered with a very prompt and courteous service backed by absolutely fantastic tech support.

Mr. Samuel Jaideep

Principal, Cambrian Hall

ChalkBox helped us to make our administration better and efficient. It is a bridge between school parents and students. We are very much happy with the services provided by ChalkBox. Not only the software but their team as well is quite helpful and very creative. I wish them luck in future.

Mr. Dishant Arora

Manager | P.N.F. Sr. Sec. School, Pithoragarh

The whole team of ChalkBox works with the spirit of customer satisfaction. They actually work 24X7 to customize their services as per the need and also refine their ERP by adopting positive feedback We are happy to be a part of Team ChalkBox.

Mr. Saurabh Pathak

Director Evergreen School | Immortal International School Haldwani
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