Benefits of Digital Classes in School Management App

The proper functioning of the school depends on its management system. At times, it becomes hectic for the school management and the staff to synchronize everything. ChalkBox school management ERP has an answer to all this with its school management app. It connects schools, parents, teachers, and students. With the accessibility to wireless networks and high-speed Internet, the school software and app is making its way in almost every school today. ChalkBox is an integration of not just the web services but also the app services. Some benefits of our school management app could be stated under :

  • Easy marking of attendance
  • Assign homework
  • Update about important news and events
  • Share important study resources
  • Customized reports generation and analytics
  • School bus tracking through GPS for ensuring kid's security
  • Fees records and maintenance
  • Mobile app for multiple stakeholders
  • Digital classroom
  • Branded app's

Be it a small school or a large pool of students, a school management app with complete features can help your school to streamline the school process. Which will make everything organized and keeps a track of your school. Many schools use excel sheets to manage everything, be it store management or accounting management. But, once they start using the school management system, they will understand the importance of school management software.

In fact, in today’s scenario, schools cannot be left behind when it comes to the latest technology. School management apps play a very crucial role in managing data with less money and less time. This is exactly what ChalkBox helps its users with because we believe in serving our clients.

ChalkBox school management app will also help your school with :

  • Streamlining regular activities.
  • Tracking and monitoring reports.
  • Multiple campus management.
  • Increasing productivity by decreasing time-taken for maintaining records.
  • Teacher-parent collaboration.

Last but not the least, ChalkBox also helps you in getting the best ROI by rendering the best output in just a one-time investment. We continuously release updates that could be benefitted from a single investment in the school ERP.

ChalkBox is a school management system with more than 30 modules in one software. A school ERP that has a proven track record of success in a short span of 3 years with more than 100+ schools maintained across the globe. Moreover, our school software and the app are designed with a very user-friendly interface that could be operated from the youngest to the eldest.