Benefits of Using Time Table management in school

Time-table management is a tedious and frustrating task for school teachers. It requires a lot of manual preparation and if a teacher is absent then all the preparation gets ruin. Therefore it’s important that it should be managed properly.

All these problems will lead to add timetable management module in school management software. It enables to generate timetables automatically. All it needs to add is the basic details and the timetable is generated, you can also verify the details and make necessary changes. Apart from simplifying your work, it offers number of other benefits such as

Reduce the use of paper
In manual timetable system, teachers have to deal with a pile of paper that carries information about leave details of teachers, timetable for various classes etc. and in case if they need any kind of information then they have to go through all sort of papers, that is quite a tedious task. Hence, time-table management makes it easier by storing all information at one place.

Create different types of reports
This software will enable to generate reports about leaves taken and individual employee information on a monthly basis. It also helps to manage working hours of each employee.

Provide easy way to generate substitution timetables
Administrative department prepare the timetable of every teacher one day before but sometimes the teacher is absent and all the hard work goes into drain, as it leads to working on substitution timetable. But with time-table management module of school software, administrative department can easily generate substitution time-table with quick pace.

Keep data error-free and secure
Time-table management module of School ERP software will generate reports without any error and minimize the risk. It also provides a secure environment to database with its high security feature.

An easy customized and user friendly module
There are various software that requires the need of experts to operate them but this timetable management module will not require any computer expert to operate them as well as schools can easily customize this software according to their requirements.

Time table management module of school software will reduce the burden of school to a large scale and therefore Chalkbox enables this module in its School management software. It helps schools to manage their database as well as day-to-day activities effectively.