3 Important Components of School Management Software and Mobile App

With the advancement in technology, each and every sector is growing at a rapid rate. Then how education sector should be remain untouched, it is also moving ahead according to the requirements of school.

Schools are the organization that plays an important role in a student’s life. Therefore it’s important that schools should manage their departments efficiently and this can be done through school management software.

School management software will improve the functioning of school and its mobile app will help to develop an effective communication between parents and schools. In this blog we have discussed some key components

Bring new ways of attendance management
School software will remove the old method of managing attendance in registers as it is highly error prone as well as sometime students also mark fake attendances. Hence, it keeps details about the attendance of students and teachers on daily basis.

On the other hand through its school software app, teachers can send details of absent students to their parents and keep them updated about their child.

An excellent solution for fees management
In a busy schedule, sometimes parents forget to submit fees and this leads to imposition of penalty per day. Therefore school management app, proves to be a great benefit for parents as it provide an online payment option to parents as well as send them notification about due date of fees, fine imposed on late submission and many more.

School ERP Software is not only beneficial for parents but it also proves to be an excellent solution for schools to manage their financial departments paperless. As, it keeps the record of fee details student wise, fine information and many more.

Advance schools through transport management
Nowadays, most of the schools are located out of city, so parents are concerned about their child. This software greatly helps parents as well as schools to manage their transportation. Its mobile app will send details about driver and route of the bus to parents. It also notifies about the present location of their school bus through GPS tracking.

It also helps the schools to manage details of every school bus, its driver information, route details and GPS tracking information easily and efficiently.

School management software and mobile app is one of the important technologies that cut down the cost of management of schools and improves the efficiency of imparting education. One such school management software that increases the productivity of school and manages various departments effectively is Chalkbox. It provides error free database management of school. So, don’t be late in making 'Chalkbox' a part of your school family.