What is a Parent Portal? Benefits of Parent Portal in Today's Time?

What is the most exact forecaster of academic excellence? Not how top tier school children study or the status symbol. The best predictor of student achievement is a homely environment & the efforts that are taken by parents for their children to get involved with them in their learning from home.

The involvement of parents in a child's studies and academics plays a vital role in a student's learning life. At the same time, the students grow by timely finishing their assignments and taking help from their parents. Parent engagement is nothing but the indulgence of parents and teachers in their kids' academic excellence and learning step by step. 

what does ChalkBox's parent portal offer to parents?

When logging in, a parent lands at the dashboard of the parent login through the web and the mobile app. Multiple navigation menus are found here. This navigation menu has various options – the Dashboard, Fees, Academic Calendar, Notification Center, and Communication Center. Many other modules such as assignments, homework, file sharing etc., are in the parent login. 

Below is the list which is offered to the parents through our parent portal:

  1. Tracking of attendance
  2. Regular homework records
  3. Assignments
  4. Fees tracking
  5. Vehicle/School bus tracking
  6. Communication
  7. Result / Marksheet
  8. Academic Calendar / Timetable
  9. Feedbacks


ChalkBox provides a significant student-parent-teacher involvement without spending hours to understand the functionalities. Spending just a few daily hours on the applications lets you cope with the recent academic challenges. ChalkBox is a comprehensive education ERP software that was developed with a motive to minimize the gap between parents and teachers. The parent portal with advanced features is built for user ease and user-friendliness. The ChalkBox mobile application is supported on both androids as well as ios to track all user frameworks. The parents can track down all the details related to a child in his/her academics in this portal.

Along with this, we have also developed an ADMIN portal with more specific features. So please don't waste time. We always stand ready and upfront to serve almost every school with the right solutions at ChalkBox.