Being Digital

Gone are the days where students are expected to sit quietly at their desks. Educational technology is succeeding in making learning collaborative and interactive.

Having asked this question multiple times in multiple contexts I can safely say there is certainly not one agreed definition. In fact, more often than not, the reaction is confusion or blind panic. We can’t define it, but deliver it.

If this was asked by me 4 years back, I would have answered it as “Being Digital is the reimagining of business processes to be by default a fully online, fully automated process from end user interaction to back office processing, with no need for human intervention”. But, the most permanent definition of being digital is not sicking to the same definitions. Rather, in today’s time it means involving or relating to the use of computer technology. The path to being digital is not free…investment is needed and therefore the benefits of being digital needs to be understood by those putting in the investment.

What being digital is…?

  • Customer first culture
  • Instant feedback
  • Real-time
  • Automated
  • Intelligent
  • Driver for change

Why we turned digital…?
The needs and requirements of a man has been changing time to time. An organisation’s journey to a digital universe is fraught with challenges and hard work and probably no small amount of contention. During a journey, you will almost certainly be confronted by those that throw doubt at its benefit. In fact, you may start doubting it yourself. The hardest part is the mindset shift from non-digital to digital.

Any strong organisation is one that has a strong core of people that have stayed with them for many years. One that understand the business, that are loyal to the business. It is those people that create the culture and mindset of the organisation. And it is they that will have the toughest time in changing. It is they that will need to be convinced that your customers are not your internal "business" but those people that use your services. They will need to get used to releases on a weekly, or even daily basis. It’s them who will need to understand that business processes were created for a world of mainframe computers, not internet or smartphones.

A world that serviced all queries through agents and not devices. And this isn’t because they don’t have the intelligence or ability. It’s because a successful organisation that is looking to become digital is just that – an organisation that has had success doing it a particular way.

The digital turn in schools…
The opportunity to help every student learn at the best pace and path for them is the most important benefit of digital learning. Hundreds of next generation schools are prototyping the benefits of customization. The opportunity to customize learning sequences for each student will make education more productive.

Infact, Chalkbox is not just about turning you digital but our main focus is to

  • Bridge the gap between students & parents.
  • To provide the best classroom set of devices.
  • Redesign the learning spaces.
  • Giving one stop solution to all your problems.

Hence, these current trends are making headlines in education today only because of the ways in which they are impacting the student learning. We are hear to serve you. Are you ready to be DIGITAL…!!!