How It Works?


Admin App

Now your school is in your hands. Your daily task can be handled on your smartphone.

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Teacher App Image

Teacher App

Teachers can mark attendance, approve/deny leave, share homework, do marks entry, share feedback, and share files on broadcast groups.

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Parent App

Now parents can get real time info on their ward's attendance, marks and report card download, events, pictures, videos, homework, behaviour report, applying leave, give feedback to principal, add concerns on broadcast groups, pay fee online and get the live bus tracking, all in one app.

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Director App

The School Management can now check the status of admissions, fee reports, GPS tracking, communication reports, visitor reports, attendance reports etc.on their smartphone, thus keeping track and making decisions on the go.

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Principal App

With multiple responsibilities, it is tedious for the principal of an organisation to get accurate manual reports. But now they can access all reports in real time on their smartphone. What else, they can even direct the teachers and staff via broadcast chat and share important files and task.

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Front Office App

An innovative app with features like appointment request, gate pass, enquiry management, admission management, visitor management etc. A digital initiative for better management.

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Librarian App

Tracking the books is as easy on the smartphone. Integrated with the core library module, it makes the working easy for the librarian. Moreover, it is linked to the parent app, for communication regarding the issued books.

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Transporter App

Now track the buses in real time with route wise reports including the bus attendance integrated with RFID devices and bus attendant apps.

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Bus Attendant App

Now the bus attendant can mark the students boarding and deboarding the bus, in real time, enabling a transparent child tracking for the parents and the school authorities.

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Security App

Secure your campus by empowering your security team with our innovative technology. Track the visitors in real time and keep a record of their time in and out.

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