Best ways to utilize your lockdown time by ChalkBox management app.

The quarantine time has locked all of us in our homes with our family, but as parents, we know it is difficult. You are worried about your kids’ health and education. You are not wrong at your place because months by months and no school is real harm in the education cycle for a kid. But, why fear?

While this lockdown has impacted us, we need to use the time given by COVID 19 to its best so that when your kids’ step out, they are better and stronger individuals. We know you might be clueless about what you can do at home with your child to be productive but then we are here to provide you with a solution.

Chalk box is a platform where you and your child can benefit most from our USER-FRIENDLY APP services. Our apps are designed in such a way that if you are not a hardcore technical expert, or even if you own the least knowledge of technology, YOU CAN STILL OPERATE IT. Yes….That’s true and the reason behind this is that we always look forward to serving our client’s in a way that does not bring them complications by any means.

Well, here are some ChalkBox tips to be the best using our management app in this lockdown :

  • Easier parent-school communication.
    Our school management apps bridge the gap between the parent and the school because our school management apps keep the parent/student well informed about school activities and keeps them engaged with daily learning.
  • Revise the assigned work.
    The best way to learn is to revise. Our apps stores data that could be opened and revised by the student multiple times even if he missed any e-lecture.
  • Focus on E-learning
    Why miss a course when you can’t go to school.? Competition is something that keeps schools moving forward to make themselves better. Our e-learning feature in apps provides you with the same spark because now you can sit at any place and watch our e-lectures on our school management app.
  • Stay updated
    We give you a pop-up notification every time on the ChalkBox school management app. This notification helps you keep timely informed about the existing and upcoming activities.
  • Share concern/feedback
    Sitting idle is no option when u can also share your concerns and provide feedback with our school management app.

However, apart from this, there are many more benefits of the school app provided by ChalkBox school management software for the people engrossed in the teaching-learning process. With the ChalkBox app, as a parent, you can not just track your child’s progress but also your parents and teachers can visualize how our app is helping your children to improve their skills and make the most benefit of the lockdown.