ChalkBox The versatile parent teacher app

The engagement of parents in the development of their kids is necessary in the present times. Most of the times their hectic schedule does not let them cope with the child's learning. For this, the school management app is important to bridge the gap between parents and the school management.

Abrupt phone calls, forgotten emails, and stressful parent-teacher conferences are some of the more familiar ways to connect with parents, but not necessarily the most productive. ChalkBox school management apps provide instant, practical, and regular communication tools to encourage active engagement between students, teachers, and parents. These apps for texting, messaging, and communication make it easier for teachers to send out assignments, reminders, and progress reports and communicate with parents and students about conferences, trips, and opportunities.

ChalkBox school mobile app is a creative and contemporary solution to communicate in a fast and precise manner with parents or schools. It is an amazing way to keep in touch with the school authorities about the child’s performance. In addition, our application sends alerts and reminders, which increases the parents bonding with school and their child's activities at school.

Statistic states that mobile apps make E-learning easy. Almost, 77% of the teachers worldwide are using the internet for providing instructions. Even it was found that nearly 64% of the high-school students told that studying through tablets made them study effectively.

The versatality of ChalkBox school management app resulted in :

  • Technically sound & innovative solution.
  • Enabling technology bridge Parent-school communication gap.
  • Parental involvement with the school authorities.
  • Reaching out with important information, changes in events and schedule, conveying about school holidays and much more.
  • If there is an upcoming event or any latest update regarding holidays, school functions, discussing their child's performance, etc. can be intimated through the mobile app quickly.


As the technology has its evolution towards making the complex task easier, there is the excellent chance for schools to have the big change. The smartphone is the key tool of the present generation. They mostly depend on certain life helping apps to make everything simple. Educational sector has its change when they have the relying on technology and apps. This is what our ChalkBox school management app helps you with. The communication process becomes easy which is being streamlined to the school network.

Different activities in one app makes our product vibrant in the matter. Participation from both parents and teachers is the most important factor for yielding all the benefits. So what to wait for..! Try our ChalkBox school management app because serving our clients is our foremost priority.