Improving Student Engagement in a Virtual Classroom

Over the years, digital learning has become very popular. Perhaps for both online as well as offline learning. The convenience of studying is the primary reason for digital learning.

Online/virtual classrooms are an advantage for students to learn new key skills and enhance their knowledge without a hindrance. The online classroom definitely offers more benefits to students as compared to the face-to-face classroom lectures.

The virtual classroom is the infancy technology i.e., where the ed techs are still learning for its more utilizations and benefits. To have a different experience with the virtual classroom tools, training and online tutors are also provided by some high-end educational software providers for the learning ease. 

There are many tactics that can be followed to make sure that the online classroom is working effectively and increasing the overall efficiency of the students as well as teachers.

Strategies to Improve Student Engagement 

Here are the strategies to improvise the engagement of a child in virtual learning.

  1. Active learning keeps the students occupied and engaged with day-to-day learning. Discussing the problems with the mates and instant solutions can be one of its examples.
  2. Family and mobile phones are certain distractions that are very common in virtual studies. To solve this, subject experts need to make sure to keep the students engaged and motivated throughout the session.
  3. Cooperative learning is another perfect example of peer-to-peer learning. Divide the students into small groups. Share a topic with them to let them explore themselves. Tell them to discuss or debate the topic. For example, if you are teaching history, ask them to explore, discuss and debate regarding the wars, kings or any other periodical topic, etc.
  4. Some students are quick learners while others take some time to get a grasp over the concepts. Certain students grasp things better, while other students need to be paid more attention which definitely helps them learn and understand better. And this is where personalized learning comes into play.
  5. An engaging environment is a must for students, which is surely offered by project-based learning. Students get a chance to enhance and reflect on their learning abilities and gain better knowledge. This can be done by providing them with projects and a suitable time to finish those by exploring the solutions.


Since the times of pandemic, virtual classroom and online studies have gained more attention over the time of learning. Therefore, a virtual classroom can be described as a real-time learning experience given to the students through an online platform without the need for people to be in the same place. Hence, making sure that a similar level of interaction is also done by the students. So why waste any more time, switch to ChalkBox today and enjoy the best of the virtual classroom experience along with better than ever student engagement.