Now School Management at Your Fingertips through Mobile App

Schools play an important role in child’s education but nowadays due to enhancement in the strength of students it becomes difficult for schools to manage their day-to-day activities along with academic curriculum.

Therefore it would be important for schools to use school management software and mobile app in order to enhance their working. As this software not only manages every detail of schools, On the other hand, its mobile apps would provide flexibility to operate school activities by sitting anywhere, anytime.

Nowadays each and every person is dependent upon mobile to fulfill their basic requirements. So using mobile apps for school management will prove to be an excellent solution for any communication related problems between parents, teachers and students.

There are numerous unique features that would lead towards the importance of school ERP software and mobile apps for schools.

Quicker and easy way of communication
A proper communication between parents, teachers and students has become a necessity of today’s generation. Because in a busy schedule a parent doesn’t gets enough time to spend with their child. Therefore online school management software and its mobile app work as a bridge between them. It notifies all informations to parents related to their child like fees, due dates, attendance details, exams scores, event notifications and numerous others.

Help in easy sharing of announcements
There are several activities happening in school on daily basis. Therefore, it becomes difficult for teachers to notify parents about these activities by writing a note on daily basis or sending them mails. In that case, school software and mobile app proves to be an excellent solution of this. Its push notification service will send message alerts to parents regarding any kind of events happening in school premises such as PTA meetings, school annual function, sports day and numerous others.

Make working easy for school administration
Managing all details related to a student using excel sheets is quite a difficult task for the school administration. As it contain a lot of errors as well as more information in file make the database quite heavy.

School ERP has become an important and foremost requirement of every school. Therefore there are various school management softwares available in market and one of them is ChalkBox that helps to manage all school related activities easily and efficiently. It contains lots of features like fee management, transport management, attendance management, event management, library management and numerous others.