Top 10 Reasons why education system needs school management app

Education is no longer ‘bookish’ or old fashioned. An overall development of a child is what parents need in this time, not forgetting the factors that add on to remove the restrictions from the same curriculum following from years.

school management software and app helps the staff and teachers interact with students and bridge the gap between parents and teachers. Also, the fun-learning approach using this software not only helps a child for his overall development but also stating and accomplishing set goals. With apps like ChalkBox in the education sector, it is quite agreeable that the era of education is taking another wave. That is possible only by going mobile and getting an app for your school.To be consistent with today’s curriculum and need of the hour, ChalkBox can surely give you the best user experience.

Connecting with parents seems so easy that with the help of the mobile application it becomes easier for them to track their child’s regular reports and activities. Being technically and technologically sound is surely a boom these days in regular schooling.

Top 10 Advantages of School Management App for Educational Organizations

So let’s talk about the top reasons why educational organizations need a school management app !!!

1. Student Management

Managing students right from their entry in the form of admissions till a student finally leaves the school i.e., helping in their TC generation.

2. GPS tracking

In order to feel secure about the kids, this feature helps the parents to track their students with a facility of GPS tracking on the school vehicles.

3. Increase teacher’s productivity

The efficiency of the teacher is booming as now they can rely much more on the essential work rather than manual work.

4. Transparency

Suitable for the student in case he misses any class, he can well cover the pending lectures as the lectures are stored on the database. Also in case a parent wishes to communicate with a teacher, they can do it instantly on the application.

5. Smooth communication

A reliable and faster interaction between all the officials of the school generates an easy and smooth communication with each other.

6. Strengthens school branding

The actual impact of a technologically sound school will obliquely build school branding along with the better publicity and growth of the school.

7. Assessing student’s progress

The School ERP Software and app supports the school authorizations in assessing their students as well as faculty performance. Also letting a teacher analyse the student’s performance and observe where he is lacking and making mistakes.

8. Greater security

Security is the major concern at ChalkBox because our school ERP Software and app is supplied with robust data protection features and backup mechanisms.

9. Instant feedback

Access to feedback anytime and anywhere. The School ERP software and app needs very little time to review tests and determine the student’s percentile of answers grade and correct and wrong.

10. Bridging the gap between parents and teachers

In order to keep connected not just the teachers with the students but also with the parents, ChalkBox aims and plays a very vital role in bridging this gap.


Shift from normal schooling to advanced schools equipped with the modern-day school management softwares is indeed a proof to the changing educational structures.The web along with the app features is the most relatively used approach and followed by end no. of schools in the times of pandemic, giving an encouragement to the technology implemented system. The traditional examination system has a lot of drawbacks. ERP software system rectifies all these gaps effectively and efficiently. So don’t wait anymore, switch to ChalkBox today!!!